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Faux Nostalgia

31 Jul

If you’re redecorating your pantry… you have way too much time on your hands.

Go back in time with this pin on Pinterest.

Faux Nostalgia

30 Jul

If you’re redecorating your pantry… you have way too much time on your hands.

Go back in time with this pin on Pinterest.

Nature’s magesty: ready, aim, fire

28 Jul

You know why Bambi’s mother had to die?

An image of a pin of a beautiful caribou in a forest, with the caption hunting season underneath.

This is why. @#(*$ like this. When “beautiful and peaceful” turns into “hunting season.”

Next thing you know, they’ll be going after my bunny from another honey. Thumper, obvi.

Herein lies the dilemma

22 Jul

There’s a battle inside all of us. Good versus evil. The finite versus the infinite. Pumpkin fudge versus marathon training.

I just love the fun juxtapositions that Pinterest’s popular page offers on a daily basis.

A screencap of Pinterest's popular page, with a pin of peanut butter fudge above a pin for marathon training.

To fudge, or to marathon train? To fudge… or to marathon train. Colour me confused. On the one hand, sugar. On the other, sweat. Let’s think this over.

An image of Rodin's the thinker, looking as ponderous as ever.

Where’s my baking tin?

I’ll start the 8-week marathon training program tomorrow, after baking. Yeah. That’ll burn off the fudge.

The birthday cake quagmire

17 Jul

Has parenting ever been such a minefield? Between attachment parenting, “continuum” and dance moms, being a mom or dad is super complicated. Birthday party planning can be stressful–it’s essentially a showcase for your parenting tactics for the rest of the world.

In today’s obesity epidemic-wracked world, there are many routes you can take for birthday cake.

The classic

This version says everything in moderation, it’s my kid’s birthday. One birthday cake never killed anyone. I’m not one of those parents.

An image of a sheet cake with cupcakes on top in the shape of a lego piece, covered in lego coloured icing.

For those parents

This looks delicious to me; I don’t know how a group of dirt-covered noise machines would feel about it. It’s a vast improvement over traditional fruit cake, which can often look and taste like sugared bricks.

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Pins we like: in praise of plain

16 Jul

Shove aside the glitter, mod podge, and nostalgia, and Pinterest is full of fantastic ideas and recipes. I lean towards the ones that don’t pretend to be any of the following:

  • Art
  • Fine dining
  • “Thinspo”
  • Hipster fashion
  • The key to finally losing those last 10 pounds
  • The key to happiness, preferably in a trendy font written on a blackboard / piece of salvaged barn wood

Here’s a few pins that fill me with a sense of calm, rather than rage. Hopefully they’ll do the same for you.

An image of simple cut up strawberries.

Is the fact that someone felt the need to remind us that fruit can be eaten plain a little pinfuriating? Yes. I’m just glad that the strawberry massacre appears to be over.

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Submit terrible pins!

11 Jul

Have you ever seen anything on Pinterest that’s pinane, pinsipid, pinfuriating? Submit the worst pins you’ve stumbled across by sending links in the comments, emailing them to pinfuriating@gmail.com, or sending via carrier owl to my home address.

I’ll post them here with your name / WordPress handle / nickname of choice.

My expectations for submissions (2:30 of this video):

How I will actually feel in a few days, after a dearth of submissions:

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Pinfuriating is now on Facebook

6 Jul

Need more Pinfuriating in your life? Like us on Facebook. Right now we’re working on a chevron/peep/mason jar timeline cover pic. Let me know in the comments or at facebook.com/pinfuriating if you’d like me to add anything else!

How to have fun while you’re young

22 Jun

When I first started this blog, I thought, you know what? I’m not going to touch religious pins. I’m just going to stay away.

That didn’t last very long. There’s just too much that’s ripe, ripe for satire. Some of the Godly pinners remind me of my favourite Arrested Development characters; their complete lack of self-awareness is an excellent source of LOLs.

I can’t help myself. To those Bible literalists, I’m sorry if I offend you. And seriously, stop taking the Bible literally. It’s not meant to be read that way. Leviticus? Yeah.

The Bible has tons of advice about how to have fun when you’re young. These include living a loving, meaningful life, in which do unto them as you would have done unto yourself. Or something.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that limiting yourself to association only with other Christians isn’t what Jesus meant when he went to hang out with lepers and prostitutes.

Pinner Cindy Fredrickson disagrees. Here are her stringent dating tips for young women:

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War on Strawberries: Part 2

20 Jun

The great strawberry massacre of ’12 continues. A couple of days ago, I posted some pins in which innocent summer strawberries were turned into sugary confections worthy of Sandra Lee. Today, I found two more of these disturbing pins.

Why eat a strawberry as nature intended, when you can dress it up like a Barbie?

An image of two strawberries covered in white and black icing, and some tiny rhinestones, dressed up to look like a bride and groom.

You know what tastes gross? Black icing. You know what tastes even worse? Rhinestones. In contrast, a nice, plain strawberry is delicious. I wonder how those jewels feel going down.

Is your mind in the gutter? Good. I’m not the only one who cares deeply about strawberries. Here’s a pinner who really, really loves strawberries:

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