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When I smoke a nasty Pinterest commenter on this blog…

9 Oct

… And that commenter finds the post, I’m just like:

Feels good.

Pinterest: the Mormon housewife’s image bookmarking service of choice?

3 Oct

Controversy, controversy, controversy! Buzzfeed has declared that Pinterest is killing feminism.

I often argue on this blog that Pinterest can hurt women. I believe in equality and a woman’s right to self-determination, and am therefore a feminist, and like the article’s author  Amy Odell, this often results in me condemning the new social platform. Pinterest normalizes behaviors that undermine female empowerment–thinspo, youth worship, overemphasis on marriage and men, time-sucking beauty routines (braid your hair and paint your nails or else!)–but it is also a place where women congregate to share empowering pins. Todd Akin is stupid! No, your daughter doesn’t have to wear a tutu! Odell does concede on that: “Pinterest might come with airbrushing, but at least it lets you decide just how much of it becomes part of your own user experience.”

Here’s the article’s basic thesis:

“Pinterest — which drives more traffic to and than Facebook and Twitter combined — has become impossible to ignore, even as critics deride it as ‘the Mormon housewife’s image bookmarking service of choice.'”

What do you think?

When most brands try to use Pinterest

1 Sep

It’s like,

Andy Samberg from SNL playing a violin like a saxophone.

Pinning their products, trying to blend in and be stealth, but something is very obviously just… off.

When I’m lost in an endless stream of cutesy engagement or wedding pins

29 Aug

When the scent of hairspray and desperation becomes overpowering

29 Aug

A screencap of a Pinterest board--imaginary pinterest wedding. sad.

Ladies, ladies, ladies.

Screencap of a Pinterest board 'for my friends who are getting married'

Seriously? We may as well come right out and say it.

Screencap of a PInterest board titled 'I'm not engaged but if I were'

Let’s be even more direct.

Screencap of a pinterest board entitled 'just insert man here lol'

LOL 🙂 (*sob*). Oh dear. The awful part? She’s not alone.

Screencap of a plethora of boards for imaginary weddings

There are many better things to do than taking your wedding daydreams (those are okay!) and constructing elaborate fantasies on Pinterest (thatz just kinda sad). We all want to find our soulmate, but will picking your centerpieces now help?

When you’re not only looking for the guy who will propose with a well-planned flashmob, but expending enough energy on the prospect that you’ve planned your wedding to him right down to your underwear (lace boxers, of course), you may be veering into obsession. Let’s recap:

Acceptable obsessions:

  • Attending weddings and the inevitable, enjoyable snarking about the decor; occasionally daydreaming about your own nuptials
  • Ryan Gosling
  • Pugs

Unacceptable obsessions:

  • Wedding planning and pinning when you’re not engaged
  • Stalking Ryan Gosling IRL
  • Borrowing pugs you don’t own, stuffing them into cute outfits, taking photos, and using them as the caller profile pics for contacts on your phone

Screencap of several I need to find a husband Pinterest boards.

Think of what you could do with all the time that would be freed up without imaginary wedding planning. You could master the fine art of crochet! Learn computer coding! Do one nail in each of these elaborate styles (chevron! ombre! hooker gets ahold of a bedazzler!). In other words, things you can do yourself, that you have control over.

Making someone love you? It doesn’t fall into that category.

As a great feminist once said, a woman needs a man like a fish needs one of those fish tank castle things (or something along those lines). Nice to have, but you know. This feminist also said, or would have said: a woman needs an elaborate wedding fantasy like a fish needs water laced with sulfuric acid, which is to say, she’s probably better off without.

At the very least, you don’t have to get all Snow White about it on Pinterest.

Screencap of many one day my prince will come boards.

And some parents say exposing their little girls to princess stories doesn’t warp them for life.

Y’all smell like hairspray and desperation over there

28 Aug

If Pinterest had a smell, it might just be hairspray and desperation. Desperate Pinterest stalking? We’ve all done it; Pinterest definitely has equivalents to the needy “I FOLLOW BACK” crowd on Twitter.

How can you demonstrate your admiration for someone’s pins without creeping anyone out? No idea, but my progression through Pinterest’s levels of affection is as follows.

When I give someone a like, it’s like:

An SNL character gives another a flirtatious poke. Animated Bill Hader and Seth Myers gif.

When I leave a gushing comment on one of their pins:

An SNL character gives another a kiss on the cheek. Animated gif with Bill Hader and Seth Myers.

When they don’t respond to my overtures, and I follow all of their boards anyway:

One SNL character kisses the other, the other clearly isn't into it. Animated gif with bill hader and seth meyers.

Yeah, sometimes I get overenthusiastic like that. Totally failed on the “not creeping anyone out” front. Unrequited Pinterest love is painful. TLC: why you no follow me back?

All GIFs are from this awesome Tumblr.

Part of a week long series of posts with titles inspired by Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, because, why not?

When I decide to go online shopping after a long Pinterest browsing session

27 Aug
An animated gif of michael scott of the office screaming I declare bankruptcy.

(source: Blizzard-Man)