For the dog who has everything

22 Sep

You’ve already accessorized your pup to the nines, but does s/he have the figure to pull off all that bling? 99 pinners and likers agree that this is a must-have addition to any home dog gym.

You should know up front: if you don’t have said home dog gym, you’re probably a terrible pet parent. You may not have even breastfed your dog–you went straight for the kibble, didn’t you?

Screencap of a pin of a dog treadmill. yes, really. Underneath, Mickey has commented asking 'Does no one go on walks anymore?'

Why would pet parents go on walks, Mickey, when they have The Canine Treadmill? It’s only $549 if your dog is already petite, and $899 for the plus-sized hound.

The treadmill will ensure that the furry fat-ass in your life will get in shape in time for Halloween. Can’t have unseemly canine cellulite poking through their prostipup costume.

For more pet parenting tips, please check out the first minute of this Gayle episode:

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