When summer youthspo just won’t die

20 Sep

It’s fall. Officially. Rain, clouds, and corduroy have beset the east coast of North America and most of Europe. At first I was upset about the disappearance of summer pins, but a batch of pumpkin fudge really made me feel a lot better about the whole thing.

Imagine my dismay when these didn’t disappear.

Screencap of a pin of a pair of denim shorts with remember your goal written over top.

What is it with the worship of denim short-shorts on Pinterest? Not sure if short-shorts is even the right label; uncomfortable underwear, or American loin cloth might be more fitting. Do pinners worship the shorts themselves, or the youth and skinny and desirability in the shorts?

I’d hazard to say that most women, in fact, aren’t trying to “remember the goal” of being young and short-short-clad. Do you really want to be a seventeen year-old at a Midnight City concert? Have fun panicking about whether you know all the lyrics, constantly tugging the shorts out of your crotch, and having anxiety attacks about everyone being on MDNA but you.

This pin is meant to be “thinspo”, but actually seems to be more “youthspo.” Youthspo is all over Pinterest, and it’s pinfuriating because it’s unattainable.

I guess I’ll never fully understand the denim shorts thing, the same way that I’ll never understand the seductive power of tutus, camo or crackpots.

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