Take one step away from your skinny no foam extra hot one pump latte

22 Aug

Starbucks can be awesome sometimes.

Screencap of a pinterest pin that's a snapshot of a starbucks menu offering butter beer frappucinos. how awesome.

The chain took a reasonably healthy drink–coffee–and turned it into the whipped cream topped sugar high I need every morning to fully open my eyes. But, can you love Starbucks too much?

Addiction Level 1: Denial

I don’t even need Starbucks! I’ll make it at home! It’s the same, right? It’s the same. Let’s just make a quick pit stop at their drive-through so we can compare.

Addiction Level 2: Identification

I don’t just love Starbucks, I am Starbucks.

Screencap of a pinterest pin of nails painted with starbucks logos, clutching a starbucks bag of sugar.

These talons will help you better grip the signature sugar packets, which your already syrup-loaded drink doubtlessly requires. Notice that the nails pay homage to logos past and present.

Addiction Level 3: True Love

Symptoms include multiple visits per day, organizing one’s social life around Starbucks, keeping the cups to assemble a shrine, and taking creepy Instagram-y pics like these to frame and place above the shrine.

Screencap of a Pinterest pin of a photo of a starbuks cup lit up with little hearts.

When you pull out the DSLR to shoot a paper cup as you would a fiancee, there may be something wrong.

Screencap of a Pinterest pin of a photo of a starbucks cup with a heart sticking out of the lid.

The shallow depth of field and magic sparkly steam really add to the sense of romance. Who knew that someone with a screen name like Zombiesandninjas Bioshock could be capable of such open affection?

Just remember, while you may always love Starbucks, the pretty lady in the green circle can’t love you back.

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