More kitchen tools for the cook who has everything, including a banana slicer

20 Aug

In a weak moment at Target, you bought yourself a banana slicer, forgetting forever that you own a set of knives and know how to use them.

When you got home to whip up a bowl of your signature tacos, you stared down at the guacamole ingredients confusedly. With your new banana slicer and corn shucker, you had forgotten how to use your hands for basic household tasks.

How did this go again? Back to Target.

A screencap of a Pin from pinterest, showing an avocado cutter that looks like a small basket made with wire with a handle, which you press into the avocado to create cubes.

Beware–this cutter will only work with avocados that are the specific depth and width of the cutter. It’s best to bring it to the grocery store with you, to measure the avocados against.

Two trips to Target later, and the tacos are on the table. Lying on their sides like a sad group of beached whales. But wait!

Since you’ve completely lost touch with the capabilities of your hands, a taco holder is now also necessary.

Screencap of a Pinterest pin with a photo of a taco holder, a green molded plastic thing with two grooves for two tacos.

This could even double as a butter holder.

It’s a slippery slope, pinners, a SLIPPERY SLOPE! Don’t tell me that’s not a valid argument.

One Response to “More kitchen tools for the cook who has everything, including a banana slicer”

  1. Sara Tedde from By the (cook)Book August 28, 2012 at 4:12 pm #

    In all fairness, I have the banana slicer pinned to my humor board because the reviews are hilariously sarcastic.

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