It’s still summer

19 Aug

Despite the creeping fall fashion finds on Pinterest, I’d like to call everyone’s attention to the very important fact that It. Is. Still. SUMMER. Both my AC and sweat mustache are still on, so please stop it with the pumpkin crafts and Halloween tomfoolery.

To get back in the correct seasonal mood, simply type summer into Pinterest’s search bar, and scroll. You could also go and befriend everyone on Pinterest named summer, or you could visit summer boards.

There are bad summer boards (you’re fat!) and there are good summer boards, filled with sweet corn, sunshine and tire swings.

Did you go to camp? If so, feel free to browse through this board and have yourself a good nostalgia cry. Then go sign up your kids for camp.

One Response to “It’s still summer”

  1. Sarah August 22, 2012 at 2:01 am #

    Not even started summer in Australia, we are still in winter, I like the fall posts a hell of a lot more thn the jealous inducing summer ones.

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