8 Aug

It’s happening, it’s really happening! Pinterest has opened itself to all users, so you now no longer have to wait for an invite or languish on a wait list to pin and be repinned.

Previously, aspiring pinners had to watch as their friends were accepted into the social network, grasping for an invite only to be left behind.

An animated Gif of a cat and a dog attempting to get across a pool. The cat reaches the edge first, and takes a suf board over, gliding. The dog is left behind, and saunters off, disappointed and ashamed.
But now, everyone’s welcome:

An animated gif of puppies screeching across a floor, in a huge hurry.

Join now! You don’t have to wait anymore!

An animated gifs of cats turning a corner on a slipper floor, then jogging out of frame.

I can’t wait until all the new pinners pour in, and I just drown in terrible things to post. This is an exciting day for Pinfuriating!


  1. Margie August 8, 2012 at 10:27 pm # in a pinterest kind of way. (which is good) the videos made my freakin’ night. LOL!!!! Love your humor.

    • pinfuriating August 10, 2012 at 2:16 pm #

      Thanks! I love animated GIFs. Since becoming addicted to What Should We Call tumblrs (,, etc), I’ve started using more of them myself.

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