Misogynists of Pinterest

4 Aug

One could say that Pinterest is a rather conservative social platform. The vitriol aimed at more liberally minded pins can be quite astounding, and when conservative men jump in, they bring their chauvinism with them.

TL;DR version: People who believe women should have access to birth control + people who believe humans should only procreate to produce children (or people who think that “private employers” means “taxpayers”) = an explosive comment war, and a prelude to the 2012 presidential election.

According to Jeffrey, sex should be for procreation only. That’s the way it’s always been, isn’t it? That’s why all women until the invention of slut pills in the 60s had about 15 t0 20 children each, OR had sex less maybe 10 times over the course of their entire lives. Yes.

Birth control (and the ability to control the size of one’s family) is a newfangled sin enabler that will surely bring down Western society. It’s provided no benefits to women or men, ever.

A screencap of a pin that says I'm an educated, independent woman, or as  Rush Limbaugh would say, a whore.

Careful, boys:

An animated GIF of robert downey junior in tropic thunder saying you're about to cross some fucking lines.

16-year-olds “trying not to get pregnant” shouldn’t be allowed birth control, apparently. It’s for married women only, because two teenagers would make much better parents than a married couple.

In Jim’s ideal America, women’s “pleas” for birth control have different levels of whore pill worthiness. As long as we emphasize that birth control is for clearing the skin and easing cramps, not slutting around, we’re good. Progress!

Jeffrey isn’t alone in his your pills, your bills crusade. He has backup, from Betsy.

Abstinence until marriage, y’all. Keep those legs crossed, or enjoy raising your accidental children. Because giving birth and raising a child is an appropriate punishment for not having access to birth control, for both the mother and the kid. I don’t see any downsides to this line of thinking.

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