Morons of Pinterest

2 Aug

Did you know that 82% of Pinterest users are women? It’s kind of hard to miss; anyone who’s been on the social network can tell that it’s female-dominated.

The other 18% of users are usually as civil as that awkward nice guy who somehow wound up as a guest at a bridal shower. Politely outnumbered.

Some men, however, can be as snarkily stupid as Pinterest’s female trolls. Ryan Marta‘s comments on this pin of a 21 year-old model, whose stomach (GOD FORBID) folds when she sits down, is a prime example.

Rather than commentary, I’m just going to use GIFs of Robert Downey Junior in blackface.

A pin of a woman sitting down, with someone commenting underneath, beautiful.

“Controversial”, eh? Ryan certainly thinks so.

Ryan's comments. It would be easier to visit the original pin to read them, simply click on the link. He says that he thinks all women on here must be fatties.


An animated gif of Robert Downey Junior in Tropic Thunder saying To be a moron.

A screencap of Ryan's comments on the pin. He's being an asshole.

An animated gif of Robert Downey Junior in Tropic Thunder saying An imbicle.

Ryan continues on his crusade.

An animated gif of Robert Downey Junior in Tropic Thunder saying Like the dumbest motherfucker who ever lived.

You reap what you sow, Ryan. Hell hath no fire like a woman body-snarked:

A flotillion of women arrive to defend the photo and attack Ryan.

Justice. Sweet, sweet internet justice. Ryan should repent immediately or, as that seems unlikely, get himself off Pinterest and onto a more “man” friendly platform.

2 Responses to “Morons of Pinterest”

  1. Sara Tedde from By the (cook)Book August 3, 2012 at 1:28 pm #

    Wow. I feel like that guy’s comments weren’t even the most annoying to me. Why did all these women feel like they had to debate with each other over whose body is more “real?” I don’t think it’s the media that’s giving so many women and girls poor self esteem. I think it’s our peers.

  2. Smantha Yer October 1, 2012 at 10:21 am #

    All these women post pictures of guys with like 0% bodyfat, swooning “oh my”, claiming these muscular guys are “Christian Grey ..? 😉 ” , and “Mmm..those abs” , and at the same time they post all kinds of not-perfect female bodies so they can say “BEAUTIFUL” and “REAL”, yet they don’t see their hypocrisy.

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