Pins Snooki Would Like: Part 2

31 Jul

Should I rename this blog, simply, Things Snooki Would Like? Perhaps.
An image of a leopard toilet seta cover, screencap from a pin on Pinterest.

Pinterest is actually stuffed with products the entire Jersey Cast would endorse, and many of them can be found on this “All Things Cheetah/Leopard” board.


An image of a bunny with cheetah print superimposed, looking like some sort of serengeti bunny.

The elusive bunny of the serengeti submits to a rare photograph. Later, unfortunately, that bunny was captured and turned into this:

A screencap of a pin of leopard print uggs. Ew.


The entire board has me hankering for, I don’t know, some sort of African animal encounter. I’m off to watch the Lion King.

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