Worst pinner awards: “dont be mad that i have good hair and a tight body” edition

26 Jul

Comment wars like this one remind me why I started this blog.

Pinning an image of a woman’s body on Pinterest? Watch out! If that woman is deemed slightly fat or slightly thin, you’re in for a comment war:

  • Initial reactions: “Eat something/stop eating!”
  • Backlash: “Who are you to tell them to eat something/stop eating?”
  • Inevitable peacemaking: “Let’s all just love each other, okay? We’re all different sizes. Group hug.”

Usually,  these comment wars remain quite civil–like the Cuban Missile Crisis, for example. Differing viewpoints are handled with tense diplomacy, and pinners who disagree can usually (narrowly) avoid nuclear war.

Natalie Gendleman? Not so much. She went atomic on an Adele pin, unintentionally producing more LOLs than tears.

A gif of Adele laughing.

Natalie will demonstrate why she doesn’t deserve the mercy of anonymity in her comments, which I’ve screencapped and posted below.

Hey, Natalie? It doesn’t matter if Adele is fat or not, or whether Marilyn Monroe is fatter (?). The problem is your belief that appearance is linked to what’s underneath. Being fat ≠ being evil and alone, the same way that “good hair and a tight body” ≠ popularity, success and love. No one proves the former better than Adele; could that be the source of your petulant mud-slinging?

A moving gif of Adele waving to a cheering, massive crowd.

The original pin, and Natalie’s skillful starting shot:

A pin of Adele on a scooter, with these words superimposed: Adele, you've just won six grammies, what are you going to do? Ride past my ex's house and thank him. A nasty comment war follows. For the accessible version, its probably best to click this image and go read the original pin.

“Skillful starting shot” meaning an insult hurled with all the grace and accuracy of a drunken squirrel firing a antique musket. World, meet one of the most inelegant trolls on the internet.

The apparent inspiration for Natalie’s attitude? A clue from her Pinterest board My peeps:

A screencap of Natalie's personal pin board, My peeps. It has a picture of Blair Waldorf with the text superimposed: keep calm and put on your bitch face.

Oh, Natalie. Blair Waldorf and the Duchess of Cambridge are way too classy to spend their time being inarticulate fatists on the internet.

Natalie’s insults and the resulting backlash go on for over 50 comments. Some highlights for your Pinfuriating reading pleasure:

Natalie continues on her rampage, writing: no wonder she's made millions off other fat cows who can't get sex. Natalie goes on, but you should go to the original pin to read.

“Grade-A troll” is slightly generous, no? Oh, and hurling demeaning insults back at Natalie only inflamed the comment war. Comments like, “Well at least your face matches your 7yr old boy body though. Grow up little boy,” are not helpful!

More of Natalie's trolling on the Adele pin.

All the “good hair” and “tight body” in the world can’t compensate for Natalie’s complete lack of grammatical clarity and junior high lols. Some examples of her sparkling wit:

Natalie makes more nasty comments, including an extremely bad fat computer joke.

She sounds like a 11 year-old mean girl, without an 11 year-old’s understanding of internet privacy and consequences. Does pointing out the stupidity of Natalie’s comments make me a mean girl like her? I don’t think so; you don’t hear me hurling insults like the ones below.

Favourite Natalisms from the thread:

  • im a human too. just a wittier one than you.
  • youre hair is nappy nappy.
  • im 20 years old. just for the record.
  • you guys are just more mad because you have donkey faces and hippo frames.
  • damn your parents are the ones who need some grammar lessons! dont they know that baylee is a dogs name??? haha woof woof
  • hey fatties. missed you guys! sorry im not spell checking. I just know im talking to a bunch retards so i didnt think my spelling was relevant.

Well, this donkey faced, hippo framed “bunch retards” (or “tubby angry mom”) is sick of Natalie’s badly formed, juvenile comments. I’m going to go blast some Adele. Who’s with me?

I picked Turning Tables; Natalie may find the tune therapeutic if she ever finds and reads this post.

7 Responses to “Worst pinner awards: “dont be mad that i have good hair and a tight body” edition”

  1. nataliegfrom803 July 26, 2012 at 12:39 pm #

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! haha this is hilarious. I’m 21 now so you should change it 😉 lol I’ve actually read a lot of your other stuff on here and you are pretty funny! you choose good material if you know what I mean! keep doing what you do! and just for the record.. i don’t give a crap about adele or half of the stuff I said on here. It was me and a few friends who had fun following this post because all of the girls were TRULY getting mad at all the random stupid shit we were writing… while we were all laughing. All the love and power to ya Pinfuriating!! -Natalie

    P.S. I really would like to say sorry for calling Adele fat. She wasn’t even fat! just pregnant! who knew!! hahaha!!! 😀

    • carebearbrite July 30, 2012 at 3:30 am #

      What irritating me more than Natalie & Friends trolling was all the women who felt the need to qualify their comments by stating what size they were. “Hey we shouldn’t women for their body size…..but I’m a size 4 by the way” WTF? who cares? do you want a medal?

    • kaleidescope August 18, 2012 at 9:43 am #

      Urrrrrhhh… wow.

    • Brittany August 28, 2012 at 8:03 pm #

      I love comment wars on Pinterest. I mean, seriously. It’s a site dedicated to ladies making Nutella and funfetti cake batter into pretty much everything. Congrats to you to riling them up a little bit. Maybe you should have a Ryan Gosling meme dedicated to you!

      • pinfuriating August 29, 2012 at 1:05 am #

        I would LOVE a Ryan Gosling meme dedicated to me; thanks for the suggestion. Now, who wants to start it? Feel free to submit finished jpegs to the Pinfuriating Facebook page. Anyone? *crickets*

    • Kokoba October 17, 2012 at 11:50 pm #

      “It was just a social experiment.”

  2. Jasi February 23, 2013 at 10:27 pm #

    That girl was looking for trouble but people please don’t tell me you think Adele is a modern Marilyn Monroe.

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