Adventures in fashion mislabeling

24 Jul

“Goth: 1. a member of a Germanic people that invaded the Roman Empire from the east between the 3rd and 5th centuries. The eastern division, the Ostrogoths, founded a kingdom in Italy, while the Visigoths went on to found one in Spain. 2. (goth) [mass noun] a style of rock music derived from punk, typically with apocalyptic or mystical lyrics.” – Oxford English Dictionary definition of goth

An image of a black dress, under which someone has written goth. It is not goth.


This woman does not look like a member of the “mystical or apolitical” lyrics tribe, nor does she resemble a 3rd century Germanic warrior. She’s more American Apparel model than Evanescence fan.

Below, a pin of a more traditionally “goth” look, complete with badass haircut, piercings, and tats. Oh, and the requisite conservative backlash and rebuttals from supporters of the OP (original pinner). See April’s comments especially.

A pin of a woman with a back corset piercing, tattoos, and a black, shaved haircut. Some comments criticize the look, then a defender chimes in, saying: At least the tramp stamp isn't your moms name with cum slung all over it. Nasty.Wow, April. Wow.

A gif of hermione clapping from a harry potter movie, looking impressed and surprised.

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