Your morning ugly: Chinese Chippendale?

23 Jul

Ruffles and satin and flowers, oh my!

A screencap from Pinterest of hideous satin wall treatments, complete with frills

Why would anyone ever treat their windows so hideously? What did your windows ever do to you?

You’ll notice that this is just one layer of curtain on this window (a second curtain rod at bottom left). Presumably, the first thing you want a dinner guest to think when they peep through your windows as they wait for you at the door is: “Wow. Love those brown, teal and yellow drapes. Maybe I should’ve sprung for the vintage.”

These are curtains Gayle would make. What’s that? You don’t know Gayle?

The watermark is intriguing. Why did we have to go beyond the screen door? Could we go back to the screen door, through it, down the driveway, over the fence, and down the street, never to return?

I have no idea what a Chinese Chippendale is, but it seems an appropriate comment as any for these bizarre curtains.

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