Herein lies the dilemma

22 Jul

There’s a battle inside all of us. Good versus evil. The finite versus the infinite. Pumpkin fudge versus marathon training.

I just love the fun juxtapositions that Pinterest’s popular page offers on a daily basis.

A screencap of Pinterest's popular page, with a pin of peanut butter fudge above a pin for marathon training.

To fudge, or to marathon train? To fudge… or to marathon train. Colour me confused. On the one hand, sugar. On the other, sweat. Let’s think this over.

An image of Rodin's the thinker, looking as ponderous as ever.

Where’s my baking tin?

I’ll start the 8-week marathon training program tomorrow, after baking. Yeah. That’ll burn off the fudge.

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