The birthday cake quagmire

17 Jul

Has parenting ever been such a minefield? Between attachment parenting, “continuum” and dance moms, being a mom or dad is super complicated. Birthday party planning can be stressful–it’s essentially a showcase for your parenting tactics for the rest of the world.

In today’s obesity epidemic-wracked world, there are many routes you can take for birthday cake.

The classic

This version says everything in moderation, it’s my kid’s birthday. One birthday cake never killed anyone. I’m not one of those parents.

An image of a sheet cake with cupcakes on top in the shape of a lego piece, covered in lego coloured icing.

For those parents

This looks delicious to me; I don’t know how a group of dirt-covered noise machines would feel about it. It’s a vast improvement over traditional fruit cake, which can often look and taste like sugared bricks.

A pin of a fruit cake, literally made entirely out of fruit. Watermellon base, blueberry and melon garnishes.

It would probably cost you as much as the cake below.

For parents in denial

What epidemic? They’re just chunky. Baby fat. Will grow out of it.

An image of a birthday cake made out of candy bars, still in their wrappers.This cake may also do well for germophobes, who don’t want to dig around in cake that’s been mauled by the dirty fingers of 20 children.

2 Responses to “The birthday cake quagmire”

  1. Becka July 17, 2012 at 11:45 am #

    I came across this dilemma with my son’s birthday last month. I ended up making a cake I found on using stuff I already had at home…. it was pretty gross… I mean, he loved it, but I won’t try it again. I’ll stick with what I know next time.

  2. MizIsa July 19, 2012 at 6:24 pm #

    Nice one here…
    All those E-numbers must make a really healthy meal for all the little ones. Not.

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