The Grinch of Pinterest has something to say about whimsy

16 Jul

A couple of days ago, one of my friends called me the Grinch of Pinterest. I’m here to steal into people’s personal boards, snatch their most hopeful pins, stuff them onto my sled (led by a tiny French bulldog, also stolen) and cruise back to my non-decorated cave to harumph and bah humbug at them in private. Yes, harumph and bah humbug should be verbs.

There’s nothing I hate more than forced whimsy. See previous parakeet insult directed at Zooey Deschanel.

Pour example:

An image of balloons on a clothesline by the sea.

616 repins later, and this image is still gag-inducing. Nostalgic, multi-colored birthday balloons? Check. Ocean at sunset? Check. Randomly hanging up said balloons on an old fashioned drying line? Whimsy: complete. I don’t get it either, Bethany Wright.

Where there are balloons, there’s whimsy.

A low angle photo of the eiffel tower with a sepia filter and pastel balloons floating skyward.

I think it may be the sepia filter that does it for me. Where the artifice of said whimsy is made obvious, I’m completely fine–this postcard is so pretty. However.

Don’t start me on this one:

An image of a girl in a flower dress and straw hat looking at the eiffel tower beside her grandma handlebars bike.

Single speed step-through bike, flower dress, straw hat… Can’t… handle.. the twee…

One Response to “The Grinch of Pinterest has something to say about whimsy”

  1. laugraeva July 16, 2012 at 4:36 pm #

    Haha. I just blogged about Pinterest consuming my afternoons and stumbled upon your blog. Definitely going to follow you on Pinterest.
    Be proud to be the Grinch of Pinterest. Everything needs a Grinch.

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