Spammy spammers

15 Jul

It’s increasingly difficult to spot spammers on Pinterest. With their generalized comments–“cute~!” or “I love this pic!”–they can easily hide among the throngs of adoring pinners.

However, spammers do seem to congregate in a particularly obvious way around inspirational quotes. I loathe pin-spammers; they really skew the popular pins page, pushing pins that should be left to die in the dark corners of people’s personal boards onto everyone’s radar.

Inspirational quote pin that says be so happy that other people are happy just looking at you. Followed by several spam pinners.

No, this is not a charming photo. No, the picture is not crooked. It’s not “very hurt” either. 9204 repins? How many of those repins are real?

Do people really think that beaming happiness from every fibre of their being will attract more happiness than jealousy? Or is that just the cynic in me? How many rhetorical questions does it take to annoy visitors so much that they never come to Pinfuriating again? I’ll stop now.

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