Some things are meant to be plain

15 Jul

Here’s the thing about decorating, which Pinterest would like you to forget: some things don’t need to be decorated.

That’s right.

Some things can just be left alone. Like the stuff you buy from Ikea, or Sterlite drawers, a staple of college students and people who do so much crafting that they have several drawers worth of glitter, scissors and trim to organize.

If you find yourself bored one Sunday morning, considering some DIY, do not turn your eyes towards mod podge. Never mod podge. The crafts that your parents and teachers had you do to keep you amused when you were a child? Not an acceptable time-waster as an adult. That’s why people invented jogging, the Oprah network, House Hunters: International marathons and meditating.

An image of sterlite plastic drawers, bedazzled with mod podge on one side, and tape on the other.

Just because something is plain does not mean that you need to pick up your bedazzler and spray Easter all over it. No, don’t “follow your bliss.” If your bliss leads you here, find a new one that doesn’t involve crafting materials for the under-5 set.

One Response to “Some things are meant to be plain”

  1. BobsBunches July 17, 2012 at 2:57 pm #

    don’t follow your bliss…. hahaha! This was a great one! Have you seen the colored ice balls??! To line your sidewalk…. sigh!

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