Pinterest subcultures: Parakeets

14 Jul

It’s time to face facts. Put your owl-shaped mug down, lest it shatter, and take a seat so you don’t faint.

The owl trend has peaked.

Yesterday, I discovered a pin that alerted me to the prominence of Parakeets on Pinterest. Parakeets are the kittens of the bird world–slightly hipster in a universally adorbs sort of way. And more on-trend, colour-wise, than the previous hipster kitten of the bird world: owls.

If Zooey Deschanel had a pet, she’d have a parakeet named Nietzsche.

After being thrown into the spotlight by the below incident, I think parakeets are here to stay.

Images taken from a video of a Parakeet indulging in a chocolate fountain

Stage 1: The Bird Itself

Parakeets come in several colours, usually pretty pastels that are in keeping with this summer’s 80s sorbet colours that make me look like a corpse.

A pin of a pretty blue parakeet.

Needless to say, parakeets are very on trend.

Stage 2: Parakeet Effluvia

Now that owls are on their way out, the Parakeet has taken over the market of adorbs bird accessories.

Behold: Parakeet room paint, presumably the exact colour of parakeet bird poop. It’s the perfect choice if you have an uncaged menagerie of the birds.

A pin of room paint inspired by parakeets, the colour of a pale green bird poop.

If that doesn’t float your boat, you could also go with a wallpaper. I’m just waiting for the Anthropologie: Home version.

Parakeet wallpaper. Pictures of parakeets. Yes, it exists.

Now that your home is appropriately hipster, it’s time to bring your love of parakeets into the wider world. With fashion.

An image of a dress covered in parakeets.

You can accessorize the dress with this twee Etsy clutch, inspired heels and, of course, a bib necklace. Think of the awesome Parakeet tan line you’d get! For more active pursuits, try this water bottle.

Stage 3 (Final): The Inevitable

Once a cutesy animal has been immortalized by the crochet world, it’s place in the internet cutesy animal cannon has been affirmed.

An image of a crochet parakeet.The twee-ity is just too much for me. If you need to cure your parakeet addiction, simply look up images of a newborn parakeet. They kind of look like an odd seahorse/shrimp conflation.

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