9 Jul

When I see certain pins, I can sometimes turn into the John of Garfield Minus Garfield. Disturbed, senile, disoriented–some pins take a toll on my sanity.

This is one of those pins.

Be prepared for the trend that says, “I’m a prostitute who stumbled across a crime scene” and “I love vampires” AND “I lost track of my schedule this month.” If you know what I mean–you thought it too!

AN image of a pin from pinterest, of shoes splattered with red paint, as if with blood. Very gross.

This is such a typical Pinterest pin. Questionable fashion? Check. Argument about a spam bot? Check. Inexplicable number of repins? 1351 crazy, potentially vampire-obsessed people agree that these shoes are awesome.

And they’re not the only ones on the market.

Another pin of blood splattered shoes. Gross trend.

You know a trend is real when it comes with a knock-off. Le sigh.

UPDATE: GAH! is now available for men, too! You and your partner can tackily, horrifically match. Perfect for Halloween, not so much for every other day of the year.

One Response to “GAH!”

  1. JoAnn Irrgang September 6, 2012 at 6:34 pm #

    People should be ashamed!

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