Liberals are geese lost in a storm, according to Ken, hater of Satin

27 Jun

Pinterest vegetarians, they’re all the same. You make one little joke about their tree-hugging, hippy-loving ways, and they start throwing kale chips at you and calling you a fascist neo-con. Or something of that variation.

When I started this blog, I decided that there were two things I wouldn’t touch. 1. Religion. 2. People’s real names. I wouldn’t include either on Pinfuriating to avoid flame wars and potential lawsuits. Both untouchables were reconsidered when I realized that the first was too ripe for satire to leave out, and the second was just fair game.

Pinterest is a very public social platform, much like Twitter–when you pin, like, or comment, you’re well aware that anyone can see it, not just Pinners you follow. This is why I have no problem posting screenshots of pins without blurring out names; if any browser or non-Pinterest member can see it, I figure, my readers can too. No matter how embarrassing their Pinterest escapades are.

Let me introduce you to Ken Walker. On a pin of a famous Regan quote, he went head to head with pinners who tried to assert that Obama is not, in fact, the devil’s spawn here to destroy America. Oh, and Ken had plenty help on his tirade. A discouraging amount.

Comments by a man named Ken Walker on a pin about Ronald Reagan.

Here’s the pin that sparked the mudslinging:

A comment war on a pin about Ronald Reagan.

What does Ken have to say to commenters like Alyssa, university-attending heretics? We are geese, lost in a storm:

Comments from one Ken Walker on a pin about Ronald Reagan.

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