War on Strawberries: Part 2

20 Jun

The great strawberry massacre of ’12 continues. A couple of days ago, I posted some pins in which innocent summer strawberries were turned into sugary confections worthy of Sandra Lee. Today, I found two more of these disturbing pins.

Why eat a strawberry as nature intended, when you can dress it up like a Barbie?

An image of two strawberries covered in white and black icing, and some tiny rhinestones, dressed up to look like a bride and groom.

You know what tastes gross? Black icing. You know what tastes even worse? Rhinestones. In contrast, a nice, plain strawberry is delicious. I wonder how those jewels feel going down.

Is your mind in the gutter? Good. I’m not the only one who cares deeply about strawberries. Here’s a pinner who really, really loves strawberries:

An image of strawberry shortcake kabobs covered in white chocolate. It looks slightly pornographic. A commenter, Clarissa, has said that this would be a perfect recipe for valentine's day. LOL.

Yes, Clarissa, this recipe would be so cute for Valentine’s Day.

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