Twilight meets feminism on Pinterest’s popular page

17 Jun

There’s nothing I love more than a good comment war, and stumbling across one on Pinterest’s trending pins page can truly make my day.

When that comment war pops up besides a fitting quote, by pure chance, it makes my week. This Twilight pin intersects perfectly with a quote on the other side of the popular pins page.

A commenter says, 'I think some people read into it too much like Edward being in her room when she's sleeping, it's nothing weird he just feels he needs to protect her because he loves her. Across from the pin on the page, is a quote saying that some people need to be high fived in the face with a chair.

Don’t apologize, Angieloo! I’m sure you were being perfectly logical! Never apologize for deconstructing the anti-feminist diatribe that is the Twilight series! It’s so true that “girls see characters, like Bella, as examples on how to behave.”

Some people believe Edward just watches Bella when she’s sleeping because he loves her, and those people need to be high-fived in the face with a chair. Breaking into someone’s house without their consent? Stalking? Despite what Stephanie Meyers tells you, it’s not true love, Twilight fans; it’s not love at all.

Oh, and those heels are just foul.

One Response to “Twilight meets feminism on Pinterest’s popular page”

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