Rolling in the swamp

23 May

If you were invited to a “cocktail casual” tea party in a swamp, what would you wear? I know I have nothing in my closet for such an occasion.

Well, I thought I didn’t.


A pair of hideous brown, flared, layered pants pinned on Pinterest.

Layers, flare, a sash, and a touch of ruffle–what’s not to love?

105 re-pinners agree: these pants are hot. But, what if the party venue was changed last-minute from swamp to 90s revival party? What would you wear then?

Zumba pants, of course:

A pair of wide-legged, black and pink zumba pants pinned to Pinterest.

Rave-on, 90s lovers.

How you’re meant to do cardio, or any socializing, with a metre of extra fabric on your lower half is a mystery. Anyone else reminded of those canvas pants so popular in the 1990s?

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