FYI: You need your father’s permission to emote

22 May

Heart damaged by love? This pin leads to a blog, Femina Girls, which would like you to know that for every time you fall in love, your heart becomes damaged, and less able to love. Unless you pray to God for forgiveness! In which case, he may give you a new heart, which makes all of this “train your heart” BS completely pointless. The main crux of the “training” is the belief that love  is a finite, limited object, and if you use it too recklessly, you’ll run out.

Where did the women behind Femina Girls discover this important information? THE BIBLE. Obvi. Nothing about boundless love in there.

The post this pin leads to pretends to attack the notion of “guarding your hearts”, but then comes out in firm support of the “old-fashioned” (ie from an imagined time in America’s purer, more decent past that doesn’t actually exist) concept. Here are the basics:

“Just because you “feel” something doesn’t make it ok. We too often think that when we “feel” a certain way, that somehow validates it. If it’s something you shouldn’t be feeling, make yourself stop. Pray for grace. If your “feeling” is a sin, confess it.” Bury your emotions! Lead yourself not into temptation! BAER. To feel anything properly, you need your father’s authorization. Read on:

An image of a link to the blog, with comments about how it is important for women to GUARD THEIR HEARTS

Guard your hearts, ladies! They can only love properly once, at least where women are concerned; men, apparently, can fall in love as often as they like.

From the comment thread: “A wonderful example of “guarding your heart” when waiting for marriage is when a couple we know who were courting (in the true sense of it) and the father of the girl asked his daughter about her feelings toward the young man, and she responded, “I will get excited when you say it’s o.k. to be excited.”
 Keeping emotions in check is a truly difficult thing to do but obviously this young lady had been well trained and faithfully worked out her training.”

The “train your heart” philosophy may seem to stem from 1850’s Puritan Massachusetts, or contemporary Saudi Arabia. Oh wait! It was actually completely normal for Victorian American women to remarry, say, when widowed–so this whole “train your heart” concept must be new. Faux nostalgia at it’s best.  Yeah, this is a whole new brand of crazy.

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