Why think at all?

14 May

Whenever someone pins an atheist quote on Pinterest, I’m just like:

An SNL character saying God Help Us All. Clicking this will take you to the original What Should We Call Me post.

Watching the collision of atheism with hard-line right-wingers is like watching Sarah Palin mud wrestle with Hilary Clinton. Can’t. Look. Away.

With this Richard “Heretic” Dawkins pin, the debate begins with an unlikely dose of calm and logic. Dee reasonably says that religion teaches us “to not judge the world.” Then Shelly chimes in, proving Dee wrong.

An athiest quote, followed by reactions from Evangelicals.

Shelly, an apt representation of the worst of Pinterest.

Why would we want to understand why the sky is blue? Does it matter? No! We should never question anything! Scientific inquiry is a pointless sham! “God made it that way and I’m satisfied with believing that. Someone had to do it! Cuz it sure wasn’t a big bang!” The big bang is, after all, just a theory, much like gravity and climate change.

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