Blue paper, made out of blue paper

9 May

You had four hours to yourself today – what a treat! The kids are at soccer, you’ve already scrubbed the house, and you have a Sunday brunch to plan. The tablescape is finished, and now it’s time for the invites.

Don’t know what I mean by “tablescape”? See the latter half of this video.

You go to a cute paper craft store and pick out adorbs birds-eye-blue paper. But you can’t just use store-bought paper, can you?

A pin that depicts how to make paper out of paper you already bought.

Choose DIY and wondering who the #$%& you are on a Sunday morning

What kind of mother would you be? No, you can’t use store-bought paper. The Kiss the Groom blog has a better idea. You will spend the next four hours turning this:

Stage one of the papermaking project, cutting up paper that's already made.
Into this:

The finished product

See the difference? You added little bits to the blue paper, and turned some of it pink. I mean, it’s fine that you felt the need to do this yourself, rather than just buy textured blue and pink paper from the local paper store. Well, no. No, it isn’t. How much spare time do you have? Do you know what you could’ve done in those four hours? Here’s a short list:

  • Taken a nap
  • Watched reruns of Sandra Lee
  • Gotten a job at the paper store
  • Used that blender to make margaritas and get flaming drunk
  • Started a blog
  • Started a dog-sledding team
  • Dyed all of your husband’s work shirts blue and pink
  • Reread the entire 50 shades of grey trilogy
  • Wrote your own BDSM-themed bodice-ripper
  • Meditated on why your life is so devoid of meaning that you undertake pointless crafts like making paper out of paper just to keep yourself busy

3 Responses to “Blue paper, made out of blue paper”

  1. Dréa August 15, 2012 at 3:20 pm #

    love the Trainspotting reference!!! Made my day.

    • pinfuriating August 15, 2012 at 3:45 pm #

      I try! Thanks for making my day in return 🙂


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